Current Studies

  • Black Box Eval – ORNL Oak Ridge, TN

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  • Black Box Eval – WVU Morgantown, WV

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  • Black Box Eval – Arlington, VA-DC Area

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The IDS Program and the CIB group both fall under the direction of ORNL’s National Security Sciences Directorate which oversees scientific research in areas that are impactful to the strengthening of the nation’s security. Previous work of the IDS Program has included biometrics research such as identification of drivers and passengers through a moving vehicle, long range facial recognition, person identification from UAVs, and other challenging scenarios.

Human Subject Testing (HST) collections are often necessary in science to build unique sets of data in which to make new discoveries. Such collections involve volunteers who are made aware of the nature of the activities they will be asked to perform as well as any potential risks, are compensated for their time, and have all their personally identifiable information (PII) protected. All data collected during an IDS HST event has PII related data removed, and volunteers are only linked to a randomized ID. Volunteers are notified of who the data will be shared with and the reasons why the study is being performed before any data is collected. All IDS HST events are reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). Volunteers are needed to help build new and unique datasets so that IDS can improve its research capabilities!

The IDS Program hosts several HST collections throughout the year.

The Identity Sciences (IDS) Program is a collection of projects related to the study of biometrics (face, fingerprint, iris, etc.) as well as concepts of both individual and group identities. At Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the IDS Program is made up of researchers, engineers, project managers, and human subject testing (HST) experts from both the Cyber Identity and Biometrics (CIB) group as well as other members across the laboratory.